Ideal Nail Colors for Summer 2020

Summer is a fun season to play with colors. When it comes to summer, we think of colorful nail polishes and nails. If you are looking for the most beautiful nail polish suitable for summer, this article is for you.
Our recommendations will be a great choice for your summer manicure. Red, green, blue …

1. Strawberry Margarita Nail

Summer and strawberries. Perfect couple. Even on the nails. It must be tried

2. Sea Blue Nail

Experience the color of the sea on your nails. Blue, azure

3. Dutch Tulips Nail

4. Yellow Nail

A color you should try: Lemon Yellow. You will attract attention at the beach with your nail color.

5. Pink Nail

Pink is always in fashion. As it is this summer. You can combine with Sim. Just one nail.

6. Green Nail

Although it is a green spring color, it is one of the most suitable colors for summer. Hand and nails come to the fore.

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