How to Make Halloween Nail Art? 23 Ideas for You

Approaching the most entertaining but also the most terrible holiday of the year: Halloween. Costumes were chosen. You’ve decided how to make up. And your nails? What kind of manicure are you going to do on October 31, 2019 to be cute, scary and terribly attractive for your nails? We’ve collected horrible nail art ideas for you to give ideas.

How to Make Halloween Nail Art?

The Halloween theme sets special rules to decorate your nails. The most common guests of the important manicure are images of spiders, witches, vampires, forest monsters and other scary characters. Ideally, the design of the nails should be consistent with the main method. Halloween nails can rarely be painted in cheerful colors. Mostly coated with dark lacquer shades.

The symbolism of the holiday should show itself in everything and this is the best place for quotes. Without bats, bloodstains, lanterns and, of course, pumpkins, the Halloween celebration should not be completed.

All colors of the rainbow are available for Halloween nail art. The basic tint selection depends on the pattern you apply and how many of these colors are combined with each other. Be creative! Add spectacular shadows and make the most brilliant.

And finally, the indispensable halloween >>> BOO and scream. Great design for nail art.

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