Fruit Pattern Summer Nails 2020

Summer is a wonderful season when people are cheerful. This joy of people shows up everywhere. On your clothes, shoes, nails. In this article, we examined the summer season 2020 nail patterns. In our article, we only included fruit patterned nails. Cherry, watermelon, strawberry … Summer fruits find their place in every field. Even on our nails.


In some nail arts we recommend here, drawings can be difficult. In these cases, you can buy Nail Arts Accessories from AMAZON.

Watermelon Nail

Summer continues at full speed and somehow you want to reflect its shine in manicure. Why not make such a watermelon manicure? Here you can not do without skill in nail art. Especially when creating a picture of the watermelon rind, you will have to try it – it is quite difficult to imitate its unique stains. However, custom stickers can always come to your aid. But such a manicure will give you freshness and perfect mood all day long!

Berry Nail

Berry and red color, which are mostly used in the spring-summer season, can be a great choice for summer 2020. Choose a red nail polish for the base. To make it stand out, draw a berry on your two nails. Apply a matte finish to indicate berry.

Carrot Nail

Light carrot shade is very suitable for summer manicure collection.
A pattern that will look great on your long nails. Apply a carrot-colored nail polish to your nails. Apply white nail polish to the nail holes. Between the two, fill the bow with “Essie MADEMOISELLE” color nail polish. This simple carrot pattern can be applied every day.

Orange and Raspberry Nail

Bright gradient manicure is a nice option for the summer 2020 season. Create the gradient with yellow, orange and pink nail polish. The emphasis on the manicure is on the middle finger. Draw a slice of orange and raspberry on the nail of your middle finger. This pattern will give you shine and originality.

Strawberry Nail

The attractiveness of multicolored pictures is always stylish. You will be original with a manicure made in bright red and white colors. For this pattern, which looks beautiful on long oval nails; Create a vertical gradient on individual nails. Draw strawberry pictures on the nails of the middle fingers to complement each other.

Kiwi-Watermelon Nail

For the summer 2020 nail pattern, you will probably like this nail design. Watermelon and kiwi complement each other very well. You can see how successful you are. The problem of monotonous coloring of individual nails was also interestingly solved, and green nail polish was chosen for one hand and pink for the other. Colorless nail polish drops are very clear.

Cherry Nail

For this nail model with the most beautiful summer fruit cherry pattern; Apply sand color on 3 nails and white nail polish on 3 nails. Draw cherry pattern on these nails. Apply bright red nail polish to your other fingers. “O.P.İ Samoan Sand” nail polish will be a great choice for sand color.

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