27 Halloween Makeup Ideas That Will Make You Look Creepy but Cute

It is impossible to imagine Halloween without traditional witches, werewolves, vampires and other evil spirits. Characteristic costumes must be completed with a wonderful makeover. It is useless to create a beautiful image without makeup. We have collected the most popular makeup trends of the day for you.

The rich colors of dark purple, dark green, dark blue and even black are suitable for Halloween. Instead of doing thick makeup, you can do eye makeup that will look magical and mysterious, but will not look detailed. The eyes should be generously painted with color or black ink, which will give them additional volume.

You can use fake thick eyelashes. Unsuitable arrows and oily black eyeliner in daily make-up will complement your make-up in a lot of witches.

To complete your Halloween Makeup, you need to choose a catchy lipstick. On such a day, it can be bright red, thick brown and even extreme black. With a cosmetic pencil you can add witch makeup by drawing with a net, a wart or a mole. We should not forget the style of hair that can be changed with a wig: red, purple, classic black and even bright green.

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