23 Painted Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween Decorations

Very soon, everyone will celebrate the mystical holiday of Halloween. To celebrate this holiday in the best way, preparation for the celebration before Halloween is a fun job. During the preparation all the people come together for crafts. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to do great things with your own hands. Halloween isn’t just horror. It is also a fun feast. Pumpkins are a must for Halloween decoration. Then the colorful pumpkins are waiting for you to make October 31 a real show day. All you need is a few pumpkins and some paint. Creativity in your hands. The idea of coloring 23 pumpkins from us.

Painted Pumpkin Ideas

Pumpkin decoration is one of the most fun things for Halloween. While classic carved pumpkins look great, painted pumpkins are becoming more popular.

You may need to cover the entire pumpkin with paint during painting. In this case, spray paint will make your job easier. We recommend acrylic paints to paint small areas. If you plan to display your painted pumpkins outside, choose a water-resistant paint.

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